Saturday, 18 July 2015


John, Freddy and Gabriel were three good old friends who belonged to the common working class. It was expected of them to lead a common life, do a common job, and die a common death, but they wanted more from life.

They wanted a better life; a life full of luxury and riches, like so many other people, but the path that they choose to achieve it separated them from the rest of the people.

Forced by the hardships and complications of their common life; they opted for an easy way of making money, and it was robbing banks.

They looted several banks, shot several individuals, killed a few, outwitted cops, and risked their own lives to accumulate booty of 15 million dollars.

However, before they could escape to a safe haven, things got tangled up, entrapping them in a web of conspiracy, distrust, greed and blackmail.

While a veteran police officer linger around the corner to nail them for their crimes; the three friends found themselves struggling to survive the law, a cunning gangster, and each other.

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In this modern era, forensic science has become an intriguing subject for the public yet there are many misconceptions and superstitions prevalent in the society with regard to the limitations of the forensic arts.

A part of this problem are the TV shows that exaggerate and misrepresent the efficiency of forensic science, and secondly there has been a lack of information on the internet or book in the market that explains the complexities of the forensic science in a straight to the point way.

Well not anymore, “Forensic Science Made Easy” is the eBook that specifically targets this problem.

In this eBook, I have explained various sub field of forensic science in a concise and lucid manner while doing away with the technical knowledge and hard to understand jargon. So that the even common people should be able to understand the mysteries of forensic science and not just the experts.

“Forensic Science Made Easy”, gives a general idea of the forensic evidence collected from a crime scene in a general manner, which is not only easy to understand but also easy to remember.

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